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Blue Sapphire Sterling Silver Bangle

Blue Sapphire Sterling Silver Bangle

Product Code: AEK-SO-0001
Availability: In Stock
1138.88 US$
Weight: 15
Stone: Sapphire,


The item is handcrafted by the team of casajewels. The item is made from solid 925 sterling silver. The item is embedded with fine quality of natural earth mined blue sapphire squares. The bangle conatins three lines of ruby in a circular way giving a shape of circular design. The bangle wears a mark of 925. The bangle is fitted with french lock, so that there is ease in openning and wearing the jewelery.

The item is plated with white nickle free rhodium, so that it does not loose it shineness with the passage of time or in contact with the air.

The item specification is as under 

Product Dimension (inner) : 4.5 cm (diameter)

Product Dimension (outer) : 5.5 cm (diameter)

Stone : Blue Sapphire

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