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Antique Old Handmade Silver Bangle

Antique Old Handmade Silver Bangle

Product Code: AEK-AS-0001
Availability: In Stock
1294.18 US$
Weight: 173


The bangle belong from the period of early 19th century. The item is not handcrafted by the team of casajewels but it is acquired one for which the firm owns the right. The item is made from solid 925 sterling silver. The bangle bears the beautiful flower design with round silver head. The banlge is a heavy piece of jewellery. The bangle is fitted with silver pin which goes up and down, so that there is ease in openning and wearing the jewelery.

The item specification is as under 

Product Dimension : 10. cm (diameter)

Product length (inner) : 5cm (diameter)

Product Thickness : 1.5 cm  

Content : Silver 

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